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Bristol, United Kingdom

Email: info@ecoweedtech.co.uk
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Picture of Foamstream at work near Powdermill reservoir. Foamstream at work near Powdermill Reservoir.

Non-Toxic Weed Control

The time has come for a safe, effective alternative to traditional chemical herbicides. Here at Ecological Weeding Techniques, we are taking a pro-active approach, using only non-toxic weed control methods. With recent developments in the field of weed control using thermal technology, we believe that the time has come where new techniques can now rival traditional methods in terms or cost and speed of application. These new methods also have the added benefits of being environmentally friendly and not subject to ever-increasing regulatory pressures. The balancing act of environmental concerns, statutory obligations and smaller budgets has become an ever more complex problem.

Introducing FoamStream logo supplied by Ecological Weeding Techniques

Foamstream is the award-winning new system of controlling weeds that uses a precise application of hot water, steam and foam. For more information on how it works, click here. By doing away with the need to use traditional chemical herbicides, there are a number of distinct benefits: For more information, please call: 07876122481 or email: info@ecoweedtech.co.uk.

How EWT can help:

Amenities Market FoamStream is ideal on pavements and pathways. EWT can provide a competitively priced service, rain or shine, in these areas without harming children or pets.
Water Companies Unlike many traditional chemical herbicides, FoamStream can be used near watercourses and reservoirs without contributing to water contamination.
Organic Farms Foamstream has been approved for organic use by the Soil Association and the Organic Farmers and Growers Association.
Land Developers EWT can use Foamstream to quickly and effectively clear over-grown sites of all unwanted vegetation in a time frame to suit the needs of the client.
As a sub-contractor By using EWT as a sub-contractor, your company can add all the benefits of FoamStream to your product range, creating a more valuable sales proposition, safe guarding old contracts and opening up new revenue streams.

For more information, please call: 07876122481 or email: info@ecoweedtech.co.uk